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Fan: Tigers Forever

tigersforeverFannie (pictured on the left, with friends at Comerica Park) is a Detroit native who has turned her love of the Tigers into her brand-new, Tigers Forever. Her first post is an introductory note that takes a turn down Memory Lane with tales of visits to the old Tiger Stadium and a clear memory of Detroit’s World Series win in 1984. Her favorite Tiger may have changed over time from Chet Lemon to Magglio Ordoñez, but her fandom has remained constant through the years. Join us in welcoming Fannie to our blogging community!

MLB Pro Blog: A Bobcat Life

D. Baxter the Bobcat is the D-backs’ mascot. And now he’s a blogging mascot, with the launch of his new MLB Pro Blog, A Bobcat Life. Baxter plans on using the blog to share stories, photos and videos from his wild life representing the team at the ballpark and at appearances in the community. Make sure you’re Following him, and drop by his blog to leave him a comment.

Know a new blog (or even a veteran one) just waiting to be discovered? Tell us about it in the comments!

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I just starter the MLBlog I have had a site,, dedicated to all things foul balls for two full seasons. I’m a lifelong Tiger fan, but like the pursuit of the clean catch foul ball. It’s an underrated, under-studied aspect of the game. Through this blog and the one on the site, I hope to encourage others to take the foul ball more seriously.


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