Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Do you remember? Framed By History revisits the days of bullpen carts.

Have you done your duty as a baseball fan and voted for the All-Star Game? As thegeekflux points out, time is running out.

Who’s voting for the Angels? Well, Ångels Fans Unite for one.

Speaking of #NationalRunningDay, what kind of a time does a bobcat run in a 5k? D. Baxter the Bobcat blogs about a recent road race for a great cause.

To shift or not to shift? Most Passionate Braves Fans points out the Braves are one of few holdouts.

Did you know today is the second Puigiversary? Dodger Insider marks the occasion.

What are the rules of etiquette around foul balls? FoulBallz shares some thoughts.

What’s a baseball blogger to do on an off day? Jen of Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk looks at the history of the spitball.

Can Clay Buchholz keep it up? Moonlight Graham’s Umbrella assesses his chances.

Did the law of averages come to the Phillies’ aid last night? Phillies Insider believes so.

To DH or not DH? Swamp Talk Sports wades into the debate.

Who says you can’t go home again? Suitcase Service certainly did.

And, finally, who wants a cupcake? Definitely anyone who looks at these photos from sweets eats & crafts.


Thanks for the shout out! 😀 – Check out my blog for more off-day fun facts and all the latest MLB news, analysis and updates with an Oaktown twist!


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