Discover: Three for Thursday

Torii Hunter, Mark Ripperger, Paul Molitor

1. No doubt you’ve seen Torii Hunter’s ejection and subsequent epic outburst on Wednesday night that went viral. She Steals Second viewed it as the latest incident involving a normally mild-mannered player losing his cool over balls and strikes, following CC Sabathia’s ejection on Sunday. She suggests finding a way to make the strike zone more consistent.

2. Catching a home run ball is a rare enough occurrence. But catching two in one game — by the same player, no less? That’s some feat. Believe it or not, that happened to Indians fan Jacob McMichael at Progressive Field this week. McMichael snagged a pair of homers by Yan Gomes and TribeVibe has the incredible story, complete with photos, videos and tweets.

3. The Phillies’ drafts haven’t panned out as hoped in recent years, and Johnny Almaraz, recently ran his first draft as the team’s new amateur scouting director. How was the organization’s approach different this time around and how did they fare? Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki digs into it in his MLB Pro Blog, The Zo Zone.

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