Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs

You’ve seen his famous photo. But did you know photographer Jon SooHoo has an MLB Pro Blog, Dodgers Photog Blog?

Think Yankee fans like Pinstripe State of Mind are impressed with Maikel Franco after the Phillies rookie had another huge night?

What are the odds of running into a celebrity at Dodger Stadium? Judging from this post by Throw Like A Girl, not too bad!

Have you voted for your All-Stars and, like Call to the Bullpen, blogged about your picks?

Do you suppose Tom Singer is worried about Pirates closer Mark Melancon’s strikeout rate?

Does it get better than Father’s Day at the ballpark? Not if you’re cat loves the dodgers.

Can Pat Gillick right the Phillies’ ship? wagnermlbblog looks at a rare recent interview with the team president.

With Max Scherzer rolling for the Nationals, what would Tigers fans like Tigers Forever give to see him back in Detroit?

Want a recap of Pedro Martinez’s amazing career? The Sport Addiction is happy to help.

Mark’s World wonders what if more athletes took their cues from Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera.

Ever struggle with a poncho like some of those featured in The Rainout Blog‘s “This Week in Poncho Theater”?

ScarecrowGrin asks and answers the question, “Where is Doc Gooden now?”

What’s on your mind? Share it with us with a comment below!

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