Discover: The Final Vote Campaigns Begin


As you’re undoubtedly aware, the Esurance All-Star Game 2015 Final Vote is under way, as fans have until Friday, July 10, at 4 p.m. ET to decide the 34th and final roster spots for both leagues at this summer’s Midsummer Classic. One of our own, Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez, is on the ballot! Elsewhere, Dodger Insider is leading the charge to get reigning NL MVP Clayton Kershaw to Cincinnati, while Better Off Red urges fans to #VoteCueto. In the AL, Sons of ’84 wants you to vote “Yo,” and Drinking the Royals Blue Aid is counting on another big voting performance from Kansas City fans to help out Mike Moustakas.

One NL All-Star could be on the move soon, as The Zo Zone discusses Jonathan Papelbon’s desire to be traded to a contender.

The O.Co Show wants to see top 2015 All-Star vote-getter Josh Donaldson’s exploits recognized by A’s fans, rather than resented.

The Phillies and Dodgers played a back-and-forth game at Dodger Stadium on Monday night, and Phillies Insider Larry Shenk wasn’t at all surprised to see former Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins come through in the clutch for his new club.

In Chicago, Jon Lester finally notched his first Major League hit (in his 67th career at-bat), and The Canuck Cubbie writes about the Cubs’ ace showing what he can do on the mound and even at the plate on Monday night.

With Tim Lincecum on the disabled list, Sweetness Sports asks what the Giants should do with “The Freak” when he returns.

TribeVibe explains how The Deal Guy will able to make his $20 go very far at Friday’s Indians game at Progressive Field.

Should the Braves be buyers or sellers as the trade deadline approaches? Sandy’s Spiel looks to answer that question.

Giants Fan Carm has a pledge: she won’t be requesting any wins from her boys to keep the pressure off them.

Dingers Every Swing laid out a vision for a new blog in an impressive debut yesterday.

Tell the world about your Final Vote picks and leave the permalink in a comment below!


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Is anyone going to doubt the Cubs after yesterday’s doubleheader against the Cardinals?


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