Discover: Hall of Fame Monday Edition

Craig Biggio,John Smoltz,Randy Johnson,Pedro Martinez

The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 was inducted on Sunday, and INSANE SPORTS posted a reaction.

Another Girl with a Sports Blog shared her thoughts on the inductions and what they mean.

Fan Samuel Lam made the trek to Cooperstown and blogs about the experience over at But at the end of the day…

Chris Palmquist saw the enshrinement of some of the biggest names in baseball from his youth as a farewell to his childhood.’s Tracy Ringolsby writes about Craig Biggio’s Mile High opportunity in his Write ’em Cowboy blog.

Dan Hughes explores John Smoltz’s sudden 1991 transformation into a Hall of Fame pitcher at Baseball Magazine.

Boston fan Bill Zeoli hailed Pedro Martinez as the best pitcher he’s ever seen, and he’s not alone in that belief.

The Yankees might not be the first team you think of when you hear Randy Johnson’s name, but The Cutoff Man says The Big Unit enjoyed his time in New York.

Speeches & Sprints paid special attention to the remarks by the inductees.

In huge trade news, Johnny Cueto now is a Royal, so Drinking the Royals Blue Aid delves into the deal.

Call to the Bullpen looks at the difficult (and complicated) decision to trade away assets and go into rebuilding mode.

Newberg Report imagines a phone conversation between Rangers GM Jon Daniels and Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.

The Cardinals’ interest in Chris Davis is the subject of the latest post from Cardinal Red Baseball.

JPWNsports identifies what puzzle pieces the Mets will be looking to add to take the next step.

Larry Shenk’s Phillies Insider blog recaps a weekend at Wrigley to remember for the Phils, while The Canuck Cubbie was glad to see the Cubs have a sense of humor about it.

Cardinals Insider presents Episode 18 of the Cardinals Nation Show’s This Week in Cardinals Baseball.

The defending World Series champs are on a roll and Giants Fan Carm understandably thinks this is great.

On Cloud Conine put together a list of the 10 most fun things happening at Marlins Park this homestand.

Sunday was Kids Run the Bases Day at Angels Stadium and The Halo Way has photos from the event.

Overtime examines the improbable return this season of one Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez.


An amazing hall of fame class! Looking good!


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My blog post on the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony is featured on the blog.


So proud of my son…wish I could be a photographer for that magazine.


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