Discover: Tuesday Takeaways

David Wright

Rambling TV Queen knows that she needs her favorite baseball player, David Wright, back in her life.

Manager Joe Maddon’s relationship with the Cubs’ front office is built to last says Cubs Vine Line Blog.

Just Mets explores how Jon Niese has emerged as one of the top arms in the Mets’ rotation this season.

Ballhawk Zack Hample documented his All-Star Game adventures in his The Baseball Collector blog.

This Just In is relishing the fruits borne by the Blue Jays’ ambitious Trade Deadline activities.

The defending champs are slumping, but everyone goes through a dry spell, explains Giants Fan Carm.

The Canuck Cubbie writes that the Cubs have a decision to make with regard to Starlin Castro.

Beat writer Jordan Bastian looks at the revisionism surrounding the Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn deals.

Beyond the Ballpark recaps the first week of the team’s Marlins Ayudan in August initiative.

Here are seven trades that Major League teams should consider, according to The Kaba Report.

Cardinals Insider posted an excerpt from Cardinals Magazine’s interview with Adam Wainwright.

The Armchair All-Americans‘ Michael Woo thinks it’s time for the Red Sox to turn the page.

The Mets have been on a bit of a roll, thanks in part to what toughlovesports calls “The Yo Effect.”

Bird Land shared a collection of photographs taken at Orioles games at Camden Yards this season.

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