Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Marwin Gonzalez

The Astros walked off winners Tuesday night. CHIPALATTA is curious if they can hold on.

Think The Sommer Frieze enjoyed Alex Rodriguez breaking his slump in grand fashion?

Is it time for the Cards to sign Jason Heyward to an extension as Dose of Buffa suggests?

Do you agree with Cue the Dagger‘s keys for the Cubs down the stretch this season?

Summer Nights in Flushing is prepared for a Hollywood moment from David Wright.

What will be Ryan Braun’s legacy? Sconnie Sports Talk looks at the Brewers slugger.

Jerry’s major league baseball site writes about the rapidly changing Red Sox front office.

Do you have plans to take in a game in the Bronx as recommended by Ya Wanna Fork?

In his The Fish Pond blog, Joe Frisaro set about figuring out who’s in the Marlins’ “core.”

Can you spot the familiar BakerBoys&Baseball face from The Halo Way‘s photo?

Curious who started the #ALSIceBucketChallenge? The Walk-Off Sports Blog explains.

Cait Covers the Bases covered Team Photo Day. How do you think it turned out?

Want to see the Giants re-create the Full House opening? Baseball Lifestyle 101 has it.

Dodger Insider explains how Joc Pederson made Jon Weisman’s prediction come true.

How much do you think Duane Kuiper enjoyed Gerald S Carpenter‘s portrait of him?

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