Discover: Weekend Warriors

Chris Archer

Daniel Satter Sport Talk was very impressed with Chris Archer’s one-hitter on Thursday.

The future of Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos is on the mind of Blue Jays Musings.

Muskat Ramblings has quotes from Cubs manager Joe Maddon on going for the division.

Watch the latest episode of This Week in Cardinals Nation over at Cardinals Insider.

The Cutoff Man writes that the Yankees will need more than Alex Rodriguez’s power.

What will keep the Mets in first place? Metsin’ Around looks to answer that question.

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave covers Robinson Cano attending a PLAY BALL event.

Alex Rodriguez has gone from heel to hero in New York, as Tony Cathirell explains.

A Gal for All Seasons explores how sports loyalties are divided in the New York City area.

Have you ever found yourself torn between two clubs like what blagersblog describes?


With all these great posts, I need to get busy and up my game if I want to retain my first ever Top 50 fan blogs ranking!!


The Cubs are fully capable of finishing first.


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