Discover: Monday Around the Horn

Dodgers Astros Baseball

Richard Justice tells how the miracle that is the Astros just got a little more miraculous.

David Wright is expected to return Monday and Just Mets is thrilled to have him back.

I’m Not a Headline Guy welcomes Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte to Monument Park.

The Cutoff Man says that the Yankees could’ve used Pettitte on the mound on Sunday.

There wasn’t much bad news this weekend for the Jays, as Blue Jays Musings can tell you.

After a great first Major League start, Logan Verrett caught New York Friends‘ attention.

A roundtable of Around the Horn bloggers takes stock during the dog days of summer.

Tracy Ringolsby writes about the adjustment the Rockies’ Chris Rusin will have to make.

With the Mets coming to town, Phillies Insider wants to see the Phils get some payback.

All Things Ed gives out superlatives from his Spring Training and Minor League travels.

It’s road trip time for The Ballpark Guide, who shares his itinerary for the upcoming trip.

Dose of Buffa profiles David Ortiz, as the 39-year old still is getting it done at the plate.

Kid Pro Blogger Matt Nadel recaps his book signing at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


Thanks for the mention in this week’s list! It’s been a great season so far!


and don’t forget the Cubs sweep and Kris Bryant’s two homers yesterday.


Thanks for mentioning my blog on here! Looking forward to hearing from any baseball road trip fans!


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