Discover: Three for Thursday

Brandon Crawford

1. Brandon Crawford on sitting out. The player The Armchair All-Americans calls “the National League’s best shortstop” is forced to be a spectator right now due to tight oblique muscle. Prior to the Giants’ important win over the Wild Card rival Cubs (documented in a photo gallery posted by SF Giants Photos), Brandon Crawford talked about how he is itching to get back on the field in a post to his shared Brandon and Brandon MLB Pro Blog.

2. Mets on a roll. The Metropolitans claimed their sixth-straight victory on Wednesday night to open up a 6.5-game lead in the NL East. Summer Nights in Flushing came away impressed with Bartolo Colon’s pitching performance, and it was just the latest confidence-inspiring pummeling by the Amazins’ offense according to Just Mets.

3. Late-season baseball. Whether your team is locked in a thrilling race for a postseason spot or looking to play spoiler, there’s plenty to keep fans locked in during the stretch run. The Winning Run writes about the concept of acceptance, while But at the end of the day… takes note of the variety of socks worn by A’s players.

Tell us about your Three for Thursday!


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Bring back Justin Maxwell !!!!


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