Discover: Weekend Warriors

Daniel Murphy


Still don’t understand why I never get response. Sent e_mail via blog regarding the “Harvey restrictions” two months ago, she still in the hunt.

Six craters (including Matz) that reminds me of Mr. Journal, with his high velocity fastball, and same smooth delivery on his 12-6 curve.

Getting back to Harvey. Why wouldn’t one of these arms be used for one inning (if needed) on their normal (throw day) vicinity Mets the option of sharing the rest and therefore reducing innings pitched.

Last, I hate to say it, but the “new lefty” in town should replace Nurse come playoff time.

P.S If p possible tell Felix Millan thanks for forgetting passes for the third time! Retired and living in South FloridA

Sincerely, Bruce Goldman 917_557-1423 or 561_509_8644 METS FOREVER,OR SINCE 1962


With the mets pitching staff the way it is and the way they been hitting the ball I can almost guarantee they will have a deep run in the playoffs


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