Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Mike Leake, John Mozeliak

  • Stlcardinalsminimo thinks the Mike Leake deal isn’t bad at all for the Cardinals.
  • Do you agree with the B+ grade that Daniel Satter Sport Talk gave the move?
  • Might Redbirds fans’ lump-0f-coal offseason turn into a gem, asks It’s About Nine.
  • BBST thinks the A’s missing out on Scott Kazmir could come back to haunt them.
  • What will left field look like for the Royals in 2016? Around the Horn Talk discusses.
  • Yankeebiscuitfan wonders if Jackie Robinson’s statue should be at Dodger Stadium.
  • Want a behind-the-scenes look at C.J. Wilson’s workout route? Enter The Halo Way.
  • The Call to the Bullpen writers speculate as to offseason trades that could happen.
  • What does the final Think Blue Review of 2015 bring? Head to Dodger Insider.
  • Breslanta has an update on SunTrust Park construction, if you’re curious.
  • What does Alejandro De Aza bring to the Mets? GENY Mets answers that question.
  • Looking for a Phillies-themed take on a holiday classic? Phillies Phollowers has it.

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