Discover: Tuesday Takeaways

Anthony Rizzo

  • The Canuck Cubbie explains how the Cubs went downtown to end their Mets hex.
  • Get postgame news and notes from Rays Radio as the team started a road trip.
  • Tracy Ringolsby writes that former Twins GM Terry Ryan is a man of integrity.
  • Ryan’s ouster was the result of the Twins’ lack of identity, says Curveball Sports.
  • Left Field Lines wonders where the respect is for Matt Holliday in St. Louis.
  • Juan Lagares should be getting more playing time, argues The Sport Mouth.
  • takes a closer look at Mets trade target Joaquin Benoit.
  • Are the A’s asking for too much for Rich Hill? BBST thinks that may be the case.
  • BDSSP asks what to do with the White Sox, who suddenly are slumping.
  • Revisit last week’s Home Run Derby with Cardinal Girl, who was there!
  • From the Corner of Edgar & Dave looks back at The Swing as part of 24 Stories.
  • Has baseball changed your life, like it did for the blogger at Sports Meets Life?
  • Muskat Ramblings recaps the Davey’s Dugout kids’ visit to Wrigley Field.
  • Mike Trout did a meet and greet and The Halo Way posted a photo gallery.
  • Cardinals Insider was there when a special dog came to Busch Stadium.


Awesome, thanks for the mention!


We Mets fans are doomed as long as Terry Collins remains the manager. I have said it a hundred times, he is an idiot. My newest reason to prove such a statement; we need offense, he made his philosophy very clear that if you hit, you will play, if you don’t you will sit yet Wilmer Flores who is the hottest Mets hitter is sitting once again today. In the last 7 games he is hitting .353, nobody else is even close. In the last 15 games he is hitting .313 with 6 home runs and 13 RBIs. Neil Walker is hitting .170 in the last 15 games with 2 home runs. Shoot, he is hitting a mere .183 in the last 30 games. Just another poor lack of management by the worst manager in the game. Let’s not forget d’Arnaud who keeps sitting on the bench. He may be in a mini slump and is only batting .120 in his last 7 games but he is batting .300 in his last 15. His backup Rivera is batting .190 in the last 7 games, 191 in the last 15 games and oh wait, .190 in the last 30 games. Lest not forget that for his career he is a .210 hitter. COLLINS…hear me and hear me loud, D’Arnaud is your starting catcher for a reason, leave him in the stupid games so he can get in a groove for crying out loud (LOUD). River is a sub for a reason, and not a good one at that.

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