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Introducing a major MLB award – for YOU Blogs Central

MLB Fans of the Year presented by Esurance

Major League Baseball has just introduced a major new award, and this one’s for you. In fact, there’s even at least one father-son duo from this family among the 120 nominees.

See my story just posted at introducing MLB Fans of the Year presented by Esurance.

You can start voting right now at Take a good look at the 120 nominees — four per club. Each team will have a winner. You probably will recognize many of them, and I know many bloggers here will be familiar with Baker Boys & Baseball, one of the Angels nominees.

MLB and the 30 clubs worked tirelessly to identify the sport’s top supporters, and four nominees per club have been presented for your vote.

Winners whose clubs reach the League Championship Series or Fall Classic will receive tickets to root for their home team on a late-October night. For…

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Tom Singer (1948-2016)

“Spring is a wonderful time. Neither the grass nor impressions have yet taken root. The canvas is blank. There is no reason to not think anyone can be a winner, no reason to not like anyone.”
Tom Singer

We lost a beloved member of our community this week when reporter Tom Singer passed away unexpectedly on Monday at his home in Arizona. Tom’s MLB Pro Blog, Change for a Nickel, was a Latest Leaders mainstay as he covered the Pirates. Tracy Ringolsby paid tribute his colleague on Wednesday in his Write ’em Cowboy blog. Join us in expressing our sympathies to Tom’s family in their time of loss.

How I voted for the Hall – and looking for your posts

Happy Hall of Fame Announcement Week. Here’s how I and other writers voted on my Hall ballot, and we’re looking to share your posts about this year’s eligible crop. Blogs Central just posted the story on how its 15 eligible Hall of Fame voters filled out their ballots, and you can see mine among the list. I voted for five: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman and Mike Piazza.

The excitement of receiving a ballot that has a name like Junior Griffey’s on it is the especially fun part of being a Hall voter. That is the kind of player the Cooperstown gallery room was created for — next to Ruth, Cobb, Aaron and Mays. You know that player when his five-year countdown begins and your vote is unquestionable. That brings us to everyone else on the 2016 list, and the effort to determine whether any other candidates should share the stage with him.

Neither Bonds nor Clemens exactly sweeps the Rule No. 5 categories on voting criteria, yet they are top-four all-time by position and…

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Happy Holidays from Blogs Central

Happy Holidays!

It’s been another great year of baseball blogging here. Please be sure to blog your own 2015 year-end post and leave the URL here so we can show them all off. Then prepare for the 2015 Top 100 Latest Leaders badges that we will be handing out soon. Is yours going to be on the list?

Happy Holidays from us at Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

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Carlos Martinez of the Cardinals has something none of the other none candidates have in the Esurance All-Star Game Final Vote: A PRO blog on See the video he just posted and his thoughts about being one of your choices, and leave him comments.

The Wave of Perseverance

2015_Primary_ASG_Logo#CardinalsNation, I need your help! I’m currently in third place in the #FinalVote race, but I know for a fact that Cardinal Nation can move me up to first! Being considered for the All-Star Game is nice but I truly want to represent the Cardinals this year in Cincinnati!

It would mean the world to me to accompany my teammates, and represent the Cardinal Red and the #18 Jersey on one of the biggest stages in all of Baseball. I know we can do this! Text N4 to 89269 to cast your vote, or visit now! Share this post and get the word out! While you’re at it, please vote for Mike Moustakas of the Royals as part of our #VoteMo alliance that was announced today.


ICYMI, here is how the whole Tsunami thing got started

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How Jon SooHoo got the best action shot of 2015 veteran and longtime Dodgers photog Jon SooHoo got one of the best baseball pics of his career on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. Our community blog has the first-person account of how it happened… Blogs Central

Jon Soo photo of Adrian Gonzalez and Keith Hartley with Baby Isaac Jon SooHoo captures The Catch and says, “Everything happens for a reason.” Click photo for high-rez version.

Jon SooHoo is in his 30th year as a photographer covering the Dodgers, and he just celebrated the anniversary with one of the greatest shots of his career. SooHoo, whose LA Photog Blog has been one of the most popular spaces at over the past five years, captured the widely seen photo Tuesday at Wrigley Field of Cub fan Keith Hartley interfering with Adrian Gonzalez and catching a baseball while holding his baby. The umps got it right, the fan got the ball, baby Isaac got fed, and SooHoo got the remarkable shot. I traded emails with SooHoo today for a first-hand account of the photo, plus some of the follow-up photos he took at the bottom of this Q&A. Take a look:

What was your reaction when you knew you…

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Discover: Weekend Warriors


Happy 10th blogaversary to Inside the White Sox! White Sox VP Scott Reifert made history when he made his first post to the blog on June 6, 2005, becoming the first executive in North America major sports with a blog about his team. To celebrate the occasion, Scott took a trip down memory lane today, discussing the origins of the blog and talking about some of his favorite blogging moments. Leave him a congratulatory note in his comments! (more…)

Discover: Three for Thursday

Matt Harvey

  1. The wagnermlbblog author is from Philadelphia, so you have to appreciate these words at the end of today’s post about the first-place Mets: “A team that entered the season on the playoff bubble seems to be proving to the world why they are better than just a bubble team.  And, let’s be honest, us Philadelphians do have some compassion.  Every once in a while you have to let a New York City team have some fun.”
  2. Our friends at the incredible Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City have their official blog right here: Monarchs to Grays to Crawfords. Please be sure to follow it so you see all the posts as they hit your inbox, like these thoughts on what’s missing in the game and the need for more involvement. (By the way, did you know Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 is still being retired?)
  3. Because cat loves the dodgers, we’re going to show you what cat is posting. Like this great photo recap of a rivalry. And cat really loved matt kemp, because that gravatar is still going strong. On an unrelated note, I wonder if cat or anyone else can guess why Cubs manager Joe Maddon likes Meat Loaf. Or which MLB mascot is about to start a blog…

Mention your baseball blog’s URL in the comments here so we can surface it and other cool posts.

– Mark Newman