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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs

You’ve seen his famous photo. But did you know photographer Jon SooHoo has an MLB Pro Blog, Dodgers Photog Blog? (more…)

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Veteran Zack Hample caught Mike Trout’s first career Major League home run and Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run, and now he snagged Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th career hit when the Yankee slugger homered in his first at-bat on Friday night. In his blog, The Baseball Collector, Hample talked his eventful evening that saw him trending on Twitter and in high demand for interviews. (more…)

Discover: Father’s Day Weekend Warriors

Rockies Giants Baseball

As all 30 Major League clubs look to “Keep Dad in the Game” with prostate cancer awareness initiatives in conjunction with Father’s Day on Sunday, here are some posts that jumped out at us going into the weekend: (more…)

Discover: Fathers and Sons

father-sonWe came across this recent post from BakerBoys & Baseball and we thought it was just the perfect post with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday. We’d love to read about how you learned the game and the rite of passage of passing the game from generation to generation.

Baseball is a game of moments, with pauses in between each moment. Whether it’s the pause between each pitch for a pitcher and the hitter, or the pause between each at bat for a hitter, or the pause between each play for the fielders, there are pauses all over the place in the game. A pause between each series, a pause between each game, a pause between each season, even a pause between each rep at practice…it’s what we decide to do between those pauses that defines who we are as people. Defines what kind of player our heroes are on the field. Sometimes it’s what you chose to think about during those pauses that allows you to be ready to react in the next moment.

Sharing baseball with my son has allowed me so many chances to fill those pauses. Admittedly, we talk a lot of baseball…and I mean a lot, but that is not the limit of those pauses. We talk philosophy, religion, character, philanthropy, and so much more. I love that I have the chance in these moments to share with my son the thoughts that I hope will make him ready to react when his moments arrive.

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The 2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft rolls on, as reaction pours in to the first two days: (more…)