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Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Javier Baez

  • Southside Cub thinks Tuesday night’s game in Cincinnati was a weird one. Agree?
  • Were you as amazed at Joe Maddon’s managing last night as The Canuck Cubbie?
  • How wild was Jose Urías Tuesday night? Dodger Insider puts it in perspective.
  • What extraordinary thing did the Marlins’ infield do? On Cloud Conine explains.
  • Curly W Live profiles Lucas Giolito, if you want to learn more about the rookie.
  • How many trends did last night’s Phillies victory end? Phillies Insider explores.
  • Jamey Newberg isn’t writing in his Newberg Report blog today — or is he?
  • Fan Interference asks if the Red Sox slump is going to cost John Farrell his job.
  • Want to see photos from the fifth Red Sox homestand, thanks to Fenway Frames?
  • Project Left Bench wonders whether anyone can turn around the Pirates.
  • Who is baseball’s top player to build around. Check Down Sports has an idea…
  • MLB Reports looks at where the Cardinals would be without Matt Carpenter.
  • What does the current Padres homestand hold in store? Friar Wire has details.
  • OSports Blog wants to know what has happened to the Astros’ staff ace.
  • Looking for fantasy pitching advice today? Fantasy 411 is here to help.
  • At the Buzzer shares a recommended All-Star Ballot. Have you voted?

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Discover: Three for Thursday

World Series Royals Mets Baseball

1. Hot Stove still burning. Spring Training is just around the corner, but there still are moves to be made this offseason. GENY Mets takes a look at the very latest news on Yoenis Cespedes, who still is yet to sign as a free agent. Cardinal Red Baseball argues that the Redbirds would be best off trading with the Rockies for Carlos Gonzalez. As for the defending champions, Around the Horn Talk analyzes the Royals’ new approach to free agency and a couple of pitching targets.

2. Rosters rounding into shape. Cubs beat writer Carrie Muskat has quotes from manager Joe Maddon saying he doesn’t expect any more additions to the roster between now as the start of the season. Dodger Insider points out 11 of the 13 pitchers with starting experience on the Dodgers’ roster will be under 30 when Spring Training starts up next month. The lack of depth in the Yankee rotation and at a couple of key positions has I’m Not A Headline Guy… wishing for a safety net, while Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk sizes up the A’s new-look infield this season.

3. Projecting 2016. The Baseball Haven writes about the sky-high expectations in Chicago, with the Cubs projected to have another standout campaign. In the AL, one projection has the Red Sox surging to the front of the pack, and Boston’s Big Four thinks the hometown team could be close to something special. Meanwhile, could the Indians be this year’s Mets? TribeVibe would love it if that were to happen.

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Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

FILE- In this 1952, file photo, San Francisco Giants infielder Monte Irvin poses during spring training. Irvin, a Hall of Fame power-hitting outfielder who starred for the New York Giants in the 1950s in a career abbreviated by major league baseball's exclusion of black players died Monday night, Jan. 11, 2016, of natural causes at his Houston home. He was 96. (AP Photo/File)

Discover: Wednesday Wonderings


Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

NLDS Cardinals Cubs Baseball

  • Has Kyle Schwarber’s home run landed yet? Born on Third has the Statcast video.
  • Tom Singer marvels at how the young upstart Cubs are hitting all the right notes.
  • Want to see photos of last night’s game and postgame from Cubs Vine Line Blog?
  • The Canuck Cubbie loves to see neutrals pulling for the Cubs to re-write history.
  • Jumping on the #cubwagon is totally encouraged as far as the cola is concerned.
  • When is a game not just a game? Benjamin J. Denen delves into the matter.
  • Chicago Style Sports still is wrapping its head around the Cubs’ new culture.
  • What’s a Cardinals fan to do now? Ask Women Who Love Cardinals Baseball.
  • Agree with stlcardinalsminimo that Joe Maddon was a big factor in the NLDS?
  • When is home field advantage not an advantage? Hardball Conversations explains.
  • Like DodgersFYI, were you impressed by how Clayton Kershaw flipped the script?
  • Lets Blog Mets tries to figure out what feels so unique about being a Mets fan.
  • Will a cover jinx help out the Rangers again? Newberg Report gives it a shot.
  • The Bright Side of Life can’t wait to find out if the Rangers can get the job done.
  • Ever feel an obligation to post like the Canadian blogger at Tigers Forever?
  • Youstontx asks whether it’s over for the Astros after Monday’s crushing loss.
  • What better way for the Angels to thank fans than with The Halo Way‘s photos.
  • Is In Wakefield We Trust right that Xander Bogaerts is the game’s best shortstop?
  • TribeVibe clears up a mystery about what happened to Slider 20 years ago today.
  • How excited were the Colombian kids whose visit is highlighted by Braves Give?
  • Our Game posted the second part of a piece on tragedies and shortened careers.

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Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Dodgers Giants Baseball

  • Looking for Dodger postseason swag? Dodger Insider has all the details for you.
  • Another Girl with a Sports Blog asks some questions following the Dodgers’ clinch.
  • How do you like Hawk Harrelson’s call in the video shared by Inside the White Sox?
  • Agree with The Canuck Cubbie that Joe Maddon deserves NL Manager of the Year?
  • Tom Singer wonders how the Pirates will deal with not winning the NL Central.
  • Do you see the postseason going the same as The Walk-Off Sports Blog does?
  • Our Game revisits a famous game from October 1951. Where does it rank for you?
  • Who are your favorites for awards season? Sconnie Sports Talk shares their picks.
  • On Cloud Conine wants to know if you’ve seen what Adeiny Hechavarría can do.
  • Can you think of a more fitting birthday tribute to a dad than The Winning Run‘s?
  • Call to the Bullpen looks at whether form heading into the postseason matters.
  • How much adversity have the Cardinals faced this season? WWLCB recaps it all.
  • Will you be tuning in to see how Bleacher Boy‘s television debut goes tonight?

Discover: Weekend Warriors

Chris Archer

Daniel Satter Sport Talk was very impressed with Chris Archer’s one-hitter on Thursday. (more…)

Discover: Tuesday Takeaways

David Wright

Rambling TV Queen knows that she needs her favorite baseball player, David Wright, back in her life. (more…)

Discover: Three for Thursday

Matt Harvey

  1. The wagnermlbblog author is from Philadelphia, so you have to appreciate these words at the end of today’s post about the first-place Mets: “A team that entered the season on the playoff bubble seems to be proving to the world why they are better than just a bubble team.  And, let’s be honest, us Philadelphians do have some compassion.  Every once in a while you have to let a New York City team have some fun.”
  2. Our friends at the incredible Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City have their official blog right here: Monarchs to Grays to Crawfords. Please be sure to follow it so you see all the posts as they hit your inbox, like these thoughts on what’s missing in the game and the need for more involvement. (By the way, did you know Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 is still being retired?)
  3. Because cat loves the dodgers, we’re going to show you what cat is posting. Like this great photo recap of a rivalry. And cat really loved matt kemp, because that gravatar is still going strong. On an unrelated note, I wonder if cat or anyone else can guess why Cubs manager Joe Maddon likes Meat Loaf. Or which MLB mascot is about to start a blog…

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– Mark Newman

Discover: Monday Around the Horn

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Welcome to the working week! Following another great weekend of baseball, we wanted to showcase some of the best posts we’ve read so far today:

The Angels dropped the series finale with the Rangers by a 5-4 score, but The Halo Way posted an outstanding gallery of photos from the game, including some shots of youngsters having a ball. (more…)