Discover: Wednesday Wonderings

Clayton Kershaw


I’m not that big of a METS fan because they are in our division, and we all vie for first place. After all, the team is our competition.

But tonight in NY, KUDOS goes to METS FANS. When WILSON RAMOS was at bat for Washiungton, he lost said bat into the third baseline stands. Immediately, three Mets fans, I’m thinking early 20s, captured the bat. Lo and behold, they gave it to a kid, a few rows in front of them, because the young man was wearing a Nationals cap. That made the kids day!

THEN, an official from the stadium staff came over and took it away from the young man. The Mets crowd booed at that. THEN, seeing what was going on, BRYCE HARPER gave one of his NEW game bats to someone to take over and give to the young Nats fan.

Kudos all the way around, except for the stadium official. The Mets fans for being generous, supporting and for their good sportsmanship, and to Bryce Harper for being aware of what was going on.

That happy young man is now going home with an official Bryce Harper bat, and likely a bit more of a Mets fan.

Thank you Mets fans, it doesn’t get any better than that. You ROCK! Thank you!!!

Than you Bryce … you’re the man.

Long live tis wonderful game!


Very nice post.You talk about baseball sport.This game is healthy,comfortable and funny.I like this game.


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